FC Rank 69
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Player Profile
Univ. of Massachusetts
178 lbs
Place of Birth
Smithtown, NY  
Ufko is a player who I feel takes a few viewings to truly get a good feel for what sort of player he is and his potential, as he isn’t a very big kid at all but he is willing to play a fairly rugged and physical game down low, he is very good at using his body to box out and bust up the cycle despite his lack of size, but would like to see him be a bit more active with his stick down low. He...
FCHockey Staff
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Ryan Ufko's Reports

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Dec 7/20 Ryan Ufko 21433 – USA U17 vs. Chicago USHL by Dylan Galloway View Summary
Dec 1/20 Ryan Ufko 21400 – USA U18 vs. Chicago USHL by FCHockey Staff View Summary
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