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Frölunda HC
198 lbs
Place of Birth
Onsala, SWE  

Edvinsson played on the right side on Frölunda’s second pairing against Malmo, he had a decent game but was scoreless. Edvinsson is a big defenseman with decent agility and lateral movement. One thing he really has improved this season is his acceleration, during this whole game it looked like he reaches top speed much faster than he did last season. He also seems to have improved his puck control, it looked really good this game, but he still made two or three mistakes where he lost the puck. This is a skill that looks good, but he can still improve it. Edvinsson has really good vision and he reads the game well, there were plenty of times in this game where he finds openings to either make a pass or receive a pass. In this game he showed great offensive awareness and a great touch, he either sprinted on his first touch and carried the puck up the ice, or sent a accurate tape-to-tape pass to one of his team mates. In his own zone, he showed great defensive awareness a couple of times when he holds his ground and pinched. But he sometimes looks at the puck too much and loose his marking, this resulted in two-on-one situations for the opponent. This is something he need to work on. Of the puck, he showed great vision by shoulder checking in his own zone, this helps him to take in information as the play evolves. Edvinsson understands the game and reads it well, but he needs to improve some areas. But he still plays really good at this level, and at this age, which makes him a really exciting prospect with high potential.

Viktor Bergman
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Game Results

October 14, 2020
Frolunda Jr.
Malmo Jr.

Player Report

Skating 7
Shooting 6
Puckhandling 7
Playmaking 7
Offensive Awareness 8
Defensive Awareness 8
Compete 7

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