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Left Wing
Adler Mannheim
187 lbs
Place of Birth
Viersen, GER  

Stutzle has been on the rise all year but the World Juniors have been his coming-out party for the general population. He generates impressive speed with every stride and can seemingly take the puck from the defensive zone to the offensive zone at will. His skating is on such a high level that he can make mistakes because he is able to catch up and make up for them. He has excellent puck skills, stick-handling his way through the neutral zone, attacking stagnant defenders with his elite speed and edgework and putting defenders on their heels. He has a lightning-quick release and a heavy shot that jumps off his stick. His passing is near the top of the class as well. He can thread the needle with the best of them. An offensive dynamo, he plays like a shark on the hunt when he doesn’t have the puck on his stick, constantly flowing in and out of traffic, getting to the slot and driving the lane with ease. He provides an outlet for his defensemen by circling high in the offensive zone when the puck is at the point. He is defensively responsible and covers the defensive zone like a center, which he has some experience playing. He is generally the first forward back, even when he seems most out of the play and he does a good job of getting his stick in on the puck, disrupting passes and shots regularly. Overall, he plays with joy and loves creating scoring chances, and is at his best when he’s feeling the game in a natural sense instead of forcing elements.

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