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Red Deer Rebels
161 lbs
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Edmonton, AB  

After initially feeling strongly that Masters was going to really jump off the page down the stretch after an awesome start to the year, he has since fallen a bit flat for me. He’s an excellent skater and has great maneuverability with the puck on his stick but the struggle is channelling his abilities and those skill expressions to make effective plays. He stacks his knees over his toe caps and can pivot efficiently and accelerate quickly. He could be a much more effective offensive player at even strength if he used his deceptive skating patterns more often off of the line, but at this present time his best application is coming off the wall and evading the forecheck. Definitely looks more confident with the puck with more space and showed on the power play or in transition that once he beat pressure he was willing to show a creative edge and could use manipulative gestures such as mohawks, handling deviations and cutbacks to create space. I thought that his sense, especially when it came to passing and hitting holes really varied by situation he was placed in. I felt that he at times showed hastiness and impatience when trying to make higher difficulty, long distance passes or passes to the slot. He did show some great foreplanning however on retrieval plays, shoulder checking and being aware of options and pressure to find the best escape and executing. He really likes to toy with opponents and the more time with the puck the more comfortable he seems to be making soft plays to space and isolating opponents. Despite the tools at his disposal, he tends to make a lot of subtle plays that don’t really lead up to great chances or initial threats off his stick and he’s limited as a play driver despite the skill. Plays the bumper on the power play, which is testament to his skill game but even in that position I didn’t see a lot of comfort or knack for finding space off the puck. There’s moments of aggression to his game but I felt that a level of grit and competitiveness isn’t always displayed. Defensively I felt that he was passive with positioning, letting plays come to him and getting pushed back in his zone, playing small at the net and the puppet in a grand production. He appeared to let opponents dictate his reaction and seldom stepped up to tighten gaps or angle his opponents despite for the most part showing good stick detail and quickness to do so. There’s a project here if someone wants to spend the time on him but he hasn’t taken steps to solve these problems himself which is a concern. Has definitely fallen off for me and I could see some teams not even have him listed if they don’t view his cat and mouse/deceptive style of game conducive to being an everyday two way defender.

Justin Froese
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May 1, 2021
Red Deer

Player Report

Skating 9
Shooting 5
Puckhandling 7
Playmaking 6
Offensive Awareness 6
Defensive Awareness 6
Compete 6

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