FC Rank 15
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Player Profile
Peterborough Petes
196 lbs
Place of Birth
Zurich, CHE  
McTavish has had a very good tournament thus far, and in this game had good compete right off the hop and competed hard throughout. He’s very good at reading the plays and when he sees a play producing, he would get to the net as his linemate is shooting in hopes to tip the puck in the net. He brings a slight physical presence and has good hitting abilities. McTavish has a very good shot and has...
Olivia McArter
Scout Profile

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Mason McTavish's Reports

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Feb 13/21 Mason McTavish 2477 – EHC Olten vs. Kloten NLB by Olivia McArter View Summary
Feb 13/21 Mason McTavish 2473 – EHC Olten vs. Ajoie NLB by Joseph Aleong View Summary
Dec 17/20 Mason McTavish 2227 – Peterborough vs. Niagara OHL by Olivia McArter View Summary
Nov 14/20 Mason McTavish 2062 – Oshawa vs. Peterborough OHL by Joseph Aleong View Summary
Oct 28/20 Mason McTavish 1945 – Flint vs. Peterborough OHL by Dylan Galloway View Summary