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Player Profile
HC Nove Zamky
181 lbs
Place of Birth
Ottawa, ON  
Playing a style that creates a ‘fourth forward’ on the ice is something that Clarke brings to the table. Always looking to join or lead the offensive rush, and diving in on the forecheck. Clarke showed flashes of skill with his puck moving in the offensive zone, in all other aspects he wasn’t as effective. Defending in all situations looked to be a struggle in this game, as he was lu...
James Henry
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Brandt Clarke's Reports

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Jan 31/21 Brandt Clarke 2420 – Jegesmedvek vs. Nove Zamky SLOVAKIA by Josh Bell View Summary
Jan 27/21 Brandt Clarke 2393 – Nove Zamsky vs. Poprad SLOVAKIA by Dennis Schellenberg View Summary
Jan 14/21 Brandt Clarke 2330 – Nitra vs. Nove Zamsky SLOVAKIA by Derek Neumeier View Summary
Jan 6/21 Brandt Clarke 2295 – Trencin vs. Nove Zamky SLOVAKIA by Mat Sheridan View Summary
Dec 21/20 Brandt Clarke 2239 – Kitchener vs. Barrie OHL by Joel Henderson View Summary