FC Rank 20
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Player Profile
Kamloops Blazers
170 lbs
Place of Birth
Kamloops, BC  
I think Stankoven is about as ready of a player as you’re going to have in that what he is now is fairly close to what he is going to be moving forward. He skates with a wider frame and quick strides which hinders the power in his top speed but gives him the ability to shift his weight and explode laterally if he needs to on zone entries. That same explosiveness lets him get to loose pucks first...
Joel Henderson
Scout Profile

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Logan Stankoven's Reports

May 10/21 Logan Stankoven 2837 – Czech Republic vs. Canada WJC-18 by Donesh Mazloum View Summary
May 8/21 Logan Stankoven 2832 – Canada vs. Russia WJC-18 by Olivia McArter View Summary
May 5/21 Logan Stankoven 2823 – Switzerland vs. Canada WJC-18 by Justin Froese View Summary
Apr 24/21 Logan Stankoven 2754 – Victoria vs. Kamloops WHL by Joel Henderson View Summary
Apr 18/21 Logan Stankoven 2723 – Victoria vs. Kamloops WHL by Justin Froese View Summary
Nov 22/20 Logan Stankoven 2120 – Kamloops vs. Spokane WHL by Justin Froese View Summary