FC Rank 10
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Player Profile
Left Wing
Luleå HF
176 lbs
Place of Birth
Göteborg, SWE  
When Lysell has the puck, watch out. Arguably the most creative player in this class (Kent Johnson might have something to say about that), Lysell has the ability to weave in and out of traffic, slip between the smallest of gaps, and generate chances. He has excellent acceleration and is just so light on his feet, seeming to glide side-to-side. He also utilizes crossovers to gain speed and shift a...
Josh Bell
Scout Profile

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Fabian Lysell's Reports

May 6/21 Fabian Lysell 2826 – Sweden vs. Canada WJC-18 by Austin Broad View Summary
Nov 24/20 Fabian Lysell 2124 – Frolunda U20 vs. Karlskrona U20 SUPERELIT by Josh Bell View Summary
Nov 19/20 Fabian Lysell 2099 – Frolunda U20 vs. Malmo U20 SUPERELIT by Derek Neumeier View Summary
Nov 6/20 Fabian Lysell 2016 – Frolunda U20 vs Malmo U20 SUPERELIT by Viktor Bergman View Summary
Nov 2/20 Fabian Lysell 1973 – HV71 U20 vs Frolunda U20 SUPERELIT by Fredrik Haak View Summary