May 17, 2022

The Pipeline: A conversation with Jordan Dumais

Jordan Dumais had high expectations for this season. 

He wanted to improve from the shortened season last year and wanted to leave his mark on the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League. 

Mission accomplished.

“I was hoping to get a lot better, obviously. You always hope to boost your stats and just play better and grow as a person,” Dumais told Guy Flaming on The Pipeline Show. “With maturity you start playing better. But I definitely knew I was going to play better than last year.”

The Halifax Moosehead standout left his mark all right, leading all draft eligible players across the CHL in scoring with 109 points (39 goals, 70 assists) in 68 games. As such, Dumais is No. 95 in FCHockey’s Spring ranking for the 2022 NHL Draft and is slotted at No. 73 among North American skaters on NHL Central Scouting’s final list. 

The 5-foot-9 winger has always been a dark horse because of his size, but he didn’t let that stop him from achieving his goals.

And the stats don’t lie. He’s definitely turned some heads during this draft year. 

“I always have high expectations and I’ve always been an underrated guy. I just made sure I always worked my hardest and I knew what I’m capable of,” Dumais said. “I’m an offensive guy and I put the puck in the net and try to do that for my team.”

Guy Flaming: In your rookie year, 29 points in 40 games that year. You’re way past those numbers this season. Is that just natural? Do you expect that from one year to the next that you’re just gonna have that big jump in production? Or is this because of something that you did in the offseason to prepare for this year?

Jordan Dumais: Yeah, I mean it’s a mix of everything. I was hoping to get a lot better, obviously. You always hope to boost your stats and just play better and grow as a person. With maturity you start playing better. But I definitely knew I was going to play better than last year. Obviously you have some ups and downs once and while, but overall it’s just been a good season.

Guy Flaming: Where did you grow up?

Jordan Dumais: I was always from Montreal. I was born in Montreal. Two parents and I have a little brother. When I was a young age, when I was around seven, I moved to New York City for my dad’s job. I moved there for three years and that’s pretty much where I started hockey, too. 

Guy Flaming: Now, you played Selects Academy. I know it’s in the States but I don’t know where in the States. Where was that and how did you end up there?

Jordan Dumais: It was in Connecticut. One of my friends, David Goyette, we were close friends growing up and our parents are close, so it was kind of a group decision to go there together. It was a good opportunity for me to go to a prep school and maybe look at my NCAA offers, just to get more exposure. It was a good experience overall. 

Guy Flaming: Let’s talk about the draft. How much time do you spend thinking about the NHL Draft? Are you a guy who checks things out like that, the rankings?

Jordan Dumais: Yeah, I check the rankings. When I see them on social media I’ll take a look at them. I know to a certain extent I can’t really control what the draft is and who will draft me. So I don’t try to think about it too much off the ice. At the end of the day you can’t really control it so all you can do is work hard on the ice and focus on your game and good things will come. 

Guy Flaming: Tell me what those things are. For those who haven’t had a chance to watch you play, what should I expect if I tune in to watch a game, what should I expect from Jordan Dumais on a nightly basis? 

Jordan Dumais: I think I’m a really offensive forward. I got a lot of skill and I also got a lot of heart. I’m not scared to go in front of the net or in the corners. I think I’m a really hard worker, obviously. I’m also a playmaker, a pass first kind of guy. I like to help my team win games.

Guy Flaming: The sheet I’m looking at says 5-foot-9 and 165 pounds. Is that up to date?

Jordan Dumais: Yeah, it is. I’m still around there. I mean, I gained a bit of weight, but that sounds about right.

Guy Flaming: Have you stopped growing?

Jordan Dumais: No, I’ve been growing. Not much, but I’ve been growing a bit every year. Hopefully I grow a bit more, but at the end of the day I try to focus on things I can control. 

Guy Flaming: Before you get to the next level Jordan, what sort of things do you have to work on in your game the most you think, before you can get there at the professional level? 

Jordan Dumais: I’m not a slow guy, but I definitely have to get my speed up. I’m a smaller guy and I need to be faster than the average guy. Maybe shoot the puck a little more and work on my defense a bit. Just a few things I need to work on and maybe bring it to the next level. 

Guy Flaming: What do you find is your role on the team? You’re the leading scorer so you’re leaned on for that perspective, but are you a guy that can play power play and the penalty kill? Are you playing all facets of the game?

Jordan Dumais: No, I don’t play all of them. I mean I play the power play, but I don’t play the PK. I mean I could play the PK, but other guys deserve that ice time. I think I’m a leader on the team and I try to show by example and obviously try to win games. I’m an offensive guy and put the puck in the net and try to do that for my team.

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