November 30, 2018

November Notebook: Thompson

Every season, scouts from Future Considerations spend countless hours gathering information on the next wave of NHL talent coming down the pipe. Future Considerations’ Buffalo-based scout Zack Thompson is no different.

Here is Thompson’s notebook from November.

Phil Tomasino, F, Niagara (OHL), 6-0, 180, 7-28-2001
Tomasino is a playmaking forward with an elite vision and dangerous ability to be a setup man. He is a smooth fluid skater who plays in both ends of the rink and consistently takes the best angles to cut in front of opposing forwards. He takes pucks away, and does a good job cutting off exits from defensemen trying to break out of their own zone. Tomasino also watches the slot in his own end, and does a good job challenging and taking away shooting lanes. Love Tomasino’s compete and the way he’s always moving when he’s on the ice. He has the ability to finish but needs to show it consistently. He also could make better finesse moves to get around traffic. Overall, Tomasino has been one of the best draft eligible playmakers this year. He just needs to be more consistent at putting the puck in the net to round out his game.

Thomas Harley, D, Mississauga (OHL), 6-3, 185, 8-19-2001
Harley is a well-built two-way defenseman who showed to be a bit of an defensive stalwart along the boards using his long reach to knock pucks off opposing forwards sticks, or interrupt stick handling. He took smart angles defensively to angle off rushing forwards. One area he could look to improve was having more confident in his first couple steps to get over in lanes when it seemed there was an opening. Harley’s skating is steady and he can gain speed with the puck on his stick there were times he looked a little clumsy, like his skating hasn’t quite caught up with his frame. He has the ability to run the power play from the blue line, and shows the ability to walk into the offensive zone as well when he sees an opening and let a heavy wrister fly. He’s proving to be a scoring threat from the blue line. Harley also walks the blue line to find an open lane and get shots on goal, or pull the opposing forward over to open up a passing option to an open teammate. He shows confidence with the puck on his stick and was real strong on his stick. Harley is dependable in his own end and does bring that potential offensive threat from the blue line.

Cole Mackay, F, Sault Ste Marie (OHL), 5-11, 185, 6-13-2001
Mackay is a dynamic forward who can play a playmaking role, but also loves to shoot the puck. He’s a smart player with and without the puck, knowing when to use his support getting the puck away under pressure. Mackay’s smarts away from the puck are also knowing where to be on the ice when to peel off and challenge player on the point or be in around the net in those high scoring positions. Mackay’s constant compete and hustle whenever he’s on the ice is evident. Mackay is an up-tempo skater who can carry the puck with pace into the neutral zone and make centering pass. Mackay always seem to have the right idea and makes smart plays with the puck that often could result in goals or at the very least a scoring chance. He’s a kid who has all the tools to be a high-end prospect.

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