December 15, 2020

Five For Carson Lambos

“Five For…” is a Q&A feature with NHL Draft eligibles that touches on their lives and careers leading into the 2021 NHL Draft. This edition features Winnipeg Ice and JYP U20 defenseman Carson Lambos.

The start of the 2020-21 season isn’t exactly what Carson Lambos had planned.

In a normal year, Lambos would be manning the blue line for the WHL’s Winnipeg Ice, gearing up for the 2021 NHL Draft. Well, he’s still getting set for the draft but the only difference is that he’s doing it in a different country. The COVID-19 has delayed the start of the 2020-21 season in the WHL and OHL, resulting in some players heading to other leagues on loan.

Ranked third-overall in FCHockey’s preliminary rankings, Lambos is plying his trade in Finland for JYP, dressing for both their U18 and U20 squad this season.

“It took a couple games I think to adjust to the big ice and new teammates,” said Lambos. “And some guys don’t speak English, so a bit of a challenge in certain things. But once you can kind of spend a couple of weeks, it’s a great group of guys. The coaches have really set it out so I can transition into the team and the league nicely.”

FChockey recently caught up with the young defender.

FCHockey: Looking back to the extended offseason you had this summer, was there one thing that you really worked on to improve?

Carson Lambos: I don’t think there’s one area of my game that I worked on too heavily. I try to keep a pretty well-rounded game and work on all my skills. Skating was a focus at the start and then once I got into it, puck skills and things like that. But I think trying to keep a well-rounded game and improve on everything through the offseason.

FC: Is there someone you go to talk about the draft or just for general advice in the game?

CL: I think I can talk to my older brother a little bit about hockey. He’s a couple of years older than I am. I don’t think I really talk to anybody about the draft or things like that too much. I just try to go out and play and do my best.

FC: You’re among a handful of players that is in conversation to go first overall in the draft, does that add pressure to you and if so, how are you handling that?

CL: I wouldn’t say it adds pressure, but it makes you realize to take things really seriously, but I always have. So I think things kind of stay as they have been. I guess there’s just a little more on the line this year, but I don’t really see it that way.

FC: You was your favourite NHL player growing up?

CL: Being from Winnipeg and watching the Jets come to Winnipeg, maybe Dustin Byfuglien. Watching him play hockey, no one really plays like him. The way he just has so much fun out there. Watching him, he was maybe my favourite player. He was a pretty awesome guy to watch, especially as a hometown guy and growing up a huge Jets fan.

FC: If you had to compare yourself to a current NHLer, who would that be and why?

CL: I think maybe Jake Muzzin on the Toronto Maple Leafs. His game is pretty steady, he plays a solid defensive game. He makes smart plays, he’s reliable in his own end, and plays against the other team’s best players on most nights. But he also silently adds offensive numbers each year. Maybe not massive numbers, but he still contributes and plays a solid, well-rounded game.

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