June 20, 2018

FC’s 2018 NHL Draft Mailbag

We’re within 72 hours. 

With the 2018 NHL Draft just over two days away, Future Considerations has taken to Twitter to field questions about the field. Here are the results of your queries!

Via Dennis Schellenberg, Future Considerations head European scout:

“Dominik Bokk, Philipp Kurashev, Nando Eggenberger and Nico Gross are the four locks for me. Akira Schmid and Tim Berni also have good chances. I see defenseman Davyd Barandun as having an outside chance at being drafted, too.”

Via Future Considerations scout Christoffer Hedlund:

“I highly doubt that Berggren will be available after the first round. I would be very surprised if there isn’t at least a few teams that would pick him in the first round. In fact, I wouldn’t be shocked if he was gone before pick 25.”

Via Schellenberg:

“I think Jonatan Berggren is a late first to mid second round pick. Therefore, there are some chances he is still on the board at the beginning of the second, however, latest tendencies show that he is more of a first than second rounder.”

Via Future Considerations scout Joseph Aleong:

“I think he’s got higher upside than people think; he was on a weaker OHL team but showed the ability to drive the play on his own and is relatively solid in the transition game on defense for his age. His skating and ability to make moves at high speed make him a versatile player anywhere in the lineup.”

Via Future Considerations scout Zack Thompson:

“As far as Dellandrea goes, he’s a personal favourite of mine and do think he’s worthy of a later first round pick. He’s got great work ethic who plays in all three zones, is a good skater for a kid of his size and stocky build, is smart, and has a quick, hard wrister that has proven he can put the puck in the net.”

Via Thompson:

“Noel is an interesting one for me. I don’t know if I’am as high on him as a lot of others are. I feel that he’s got a nice frame to grow into and he does have good skating for kid his size. I question his balance, however. He’s got a nice frame to grow into and has the will to goto the net has potential to be a power forward, but feel he’s pretty raw I think the hype on him is that his potential ceiling is high.”

Via Future Considerations scout Guillaume Gervais

“He’s at his best when he skates with a low stance and get a shoulder down to cut to the net with that wide/low stance. I think his balance is something that could easily be develop with good training routine. Fortunately for him he’s got great speed and long stride. Another thing with an improved balance for him is that he would be way more explosive to accelerate and change direction. Potential ceiling is high. I wouldn’t be surprise we look back at the draft in five or 10 years and he’d be a top-5 pick in a re-rank.”

Via Schellenberg:

“Bokk is the more skilled player while Denisenko is physically much better. Both have bad games where they seem moody on the ice and not contributing much. They are close, will come down to if you’d prefer a physical strong player or the technically better player in Bokk.”

Via Schellenberg:

“From a European view, some players that seem still a bit underrated are guys like Nils Lundkvist, Filip Hallander, Ivan Morozov, Maxim Sorkin, Michal Kvasnica, Nikita Rtishchev, Filip Johansson and also Albin Eriksson.

Via Hedlund:

“From my Swedish perspective, Albin Eriksson fits the bill as the most underrated. He has both the tools and the toolbox to become one of the best Swedish forwards from this year’s draft. I also think David Gustafsson is quite underrated by some, the only real knock on his game seem to be his skating but if it continues to improve the way it has during this season I do not see if as a big problem going forward.”

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