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Ottawa 67's
183 lbs
Place of Birth
Feldkirch, AUT  

Rossi is a multi-talented forward who plays well above his age and his quick first step and highspeed plays make him lightning fast on his feet and full of potential to be an offensive dynamo at the next level. He can be explosive with his strong, well-developed lower body. A quick release on his accurate shot and polished passing ability make him a legit threat every time he takes to the ice. He is at his most dangerous when he is in the slot, though he could be more consistent on finishing plays. He possesses a play driving, game changing scoring threat type of skill that makes him an exciting player to watch. Quick starts and stops allow him to juke and jive, making him evasive through traffic and gain speed as he navigates through the neutral zone using his high-end vision to find open ice. One area to improve is his ability to maintain puck possession through traffic and one way he may be able to do that is by bulking up for next year. One thing that stands out about him are his habits; he doesn’t take a shift off, competes extremely hard no matter what zone he’s in and is continuously in the right position and doing the right things to help his team be successful. This is evident with his play in the defensive zone, getting deep into the zone and aggressively attacking his opponents as he gets physical and pins players to the boards, but can also finesse the puck from them with a smooth stick lift before transitioning the other way.

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