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Left Wing
USNTDP Juniors
202 lbs
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Los Angeles, CA  

Gasseau has intriguing qualities that will stand out to many teams at the draft. He is a 6’4” Center with good skating and defensive awareness. He has the potential and ability to become an effective middle 6 forward at the next level, but needs to improve on a few things if he wants to contribute more offense. Gasseau has good skating ability for his size, having a strong stride, able to generate acceleration well when given space. He’s solid on his edges and was able to stop and go efficiently, covering a lot of ice consistently. He uses his size well, protecting and controlling the puck well along the boards. He did struggle with making offensive zone entries with full control, often losing the puck by defender’s poke checks and stick lifts. He was successful when dumping the puck and applying a strong forecheck to go retrieve it. One concern that seemed to be consistent in this game was his decision making with the puck. Giving it up too quick and easily when under pressure, making poor passing choices and forcing plays that aren’t there, and trying to make the skilled pass instead of the smart pass. His defensive game caught my eye a few times. On one play he made a great read in the offensive zone, cutting off the defender’s pass trying to clear the puck out and intercepting it from behind the net, then finding a teammate in the slot for a scoring chance. On the PK, he looked very confident and never looked overwhelmed or out of place, always in good position to take away space and willing to block shots. He uses his reach to his advantage, able to take away space very effectively with good stick placement to poke and steal pucks away. With his size, I’d like to see him utilize his body more and bring a physical presence to his game. There were many chances he could’ve make an impactful hit to take away possession, but elected to try and poke the puck away instead, but was not successful. I have confidence in saying he will be an NHL player one day, but the big question is, will he only be an effective bottom six player or more.

Dylan Krill
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Game Results

January 30, 2021
USA U-18

Player Report

Skating 7
Shooting 6
Puckhandling 6
Playmaking 5
Offensive Awareness 6
Defensive Awareness 7
Compete 7

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