FC Rank 56
All Rankings
Player Profile
Univ. of Denver
175 lbs
Place of Birth
Barrington, IL  
Behrens is an extremely smart puck-moving defenseman blessed with tremendous mobility and vision. He keeps his head up, constantly scanning the ice, allowing himself to play with a lot of poise and confidence while carrying the disc. He displays high-end IQ in his decision-making and assertiveness, as he plays like a seasoned veteran. He also sees the ice remarkably well and can execute breakout o...
Joey Fortin Boulay
Scout Profile

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Sean Behrens's Reports

Dec 29/22 Sean Behrens 24392 – Latvia vs. Team USA WJC-20 by Joey Fortin Boulay View Summary
Apr 21/21 Sean Behrens 21981 – All-American Prospects Game AAPG by Dylan Galloway View Summary
Feb 20/21 Sean Behrens 21732 – USA U18 vs. Youngstown USHL by Dylan Krill View Summary
Jan 28/21 Sean Behrens 21647 – USA U18 vs. Chicago USHL by Derek Neumeier View Summary
Dec 16/20 Sean Behrens 21456 – USA U18 vs. Air Force NTDP by Josh Bell View Summary
Nov 26/20 Sean Behrens 21383 – USA U18 vs. Des Moines USHL by Dylan Galloway View Summary
Nov 11/20 Sean Behrens 21274 – USA U18 vs. Muskegon USHL by Joseph Aleong View Summary