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HC Plzen
189 lbs
Place of Birth
Klatovy, CZE  

Jiricek, the No. 6 pick in the 2022 draft by the Columbus Blue Jackets, is an all-round defenseman with stellar defensive flair and an impactful offensive game. He had a shaky start in this viewing, but really stepped up in the second and third period as no Slovakian player could get past him in the neutral zone. He shows fluid mobility in all directions with great edges and stops for a guy with his size. He displays incredible power in his stride and has second-gear acceleration. He’s also able to gain considerable speed in his crossovers. Jiricek exudes a calm, dominant presence on the ice. He has outstanding vision since he has the ability to see passing lanes through traffic. He shows remarkable patience and poise with the puck, and takes all the necessary time and space to pick his best option. He’s incredibly precise with his zone exit outlets, but can also take it though the neutral zone with speed. He frequently jumps in offense in the opponent’s zone and has the gut to deke players. But his most dangerous asset at the other end is his booming slap shot. He will also use his wrist shot mostly to get the puck to the net. Jiricek plays the body very well and gets the inside position in almost all of his battles, thanks to his tall frame. He has a really disruptive stick that he exhibits through his long reach and well-timed pokechecks. He loves to get physical, mean, and will profusely deliver huge hits, but he can cross the line sometimes and get bad penalties. Jiricek blossomed into a very dominant defenseman with a toolkit that fairly justify his draft position. He’s on his way to become a top-pair defenseman in the NHL down the road.

Joey Fortin Boulay
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Game Results

August 9, 2022

Player Report

Skating 7
Shooting 6
Puckhandling 6
Playmaking 7
Offensive Awareness 7
Defensive Awareness 8
Compete 7

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