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USNTDP Juniors
172 lbs
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Lexington, MA  

Smith is a quick player who has a solid all-around skillset that compliments his linemates well. There wasn’t anything elite I saw within his game, however I thought he had a lot of solid tools that allowed him to show flashes of a promising player. He scans the ice well, looking for options with the puck. He has some soft hands that let him be an efficient passer. Smith isn’t the fastest player on the ice, but his quick feet and acceleration make up for that, making him a good skater. He didn’t generate much offensively this game and just overall had an underwhelming performance. Smith has the tools to be a quality player, but he just wasn’t able to utilize them to provide offense this game. There were some holes in his game as well, but not a lot that were of major long-term concern for me. I thought his game lacked effort and pace, something that I’d like to see improve throughout his draft year. His defense, as a center, was not the best. His intention to help out in his own zone and positioning were just simply not there. Regardless if his own zone play improves or not, he looks more like a winger to me. Smith has a lot left to be unlocked, which makes him an intriguing prospect going forward. I think he’ll be a middle-six guy that will eventually be able to do it all on both sides of the ice. Early on I think Smith is a safe bet to go in one of the top two rounds of the 2023 draft.

Douglas Larson
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April 9, 2022
USA U-17

Player Report

Skating 5
Shooting 5
Puckhandling 5
Playmaking 6
Offensive Awareness 6
Defensive Awareness 4
Compete 4

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