FC Rank 18
All Rankings
Player Profile
Left Wing
Djurgårdens IF
187 lbs
Place of Birth
Stockholm, SWE  
Ohgren is a hard-working, smart, skilled forward with tremendous offensive instincts. His offensive game is very consistent and he has a variety of tools in his toolbox. He can pull off impressive creative dekes, he can take on multiple defenders while playing with no fear whatsoever. His passing and shooting is impressive, as he can find those lanes and hit the tape and knows when to hold on to t...
Wige Karle
Scout Profile

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Liam Ohgren's Reports

Aug 23/22 Liam Ohgren 24097 – Team USA vs. Sweden WJC-20 by Douglas Larson View Summary
Jun 22/22 Liam Ohgren 23977 – Djurgarden J20 vs. Rogle J20 J20 Nationell by Wige Karle View Summary
Jan 16/22 Liam Ohgren 23216 – Rogle J20 vs. Djurgarden J20 J20 Nationell by Fredrik Haak View Summary
Dec 10/21 Liam Ohgren 22908 – Djurgardens vs. Leksands J20 Nationell by Curtis Schwartzkopf View Summary
Sep 14/21 Liam Ohgren 22453 – Brynas J20 vs. Djurgarden J20 J20 Nationell by Fredrik Haak View Summary
Aug 10/21 Liam Ohgren 22358 – Sweden vs. Finland HLINKA by Viktor Bergman View Summary