FC Rank 2
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Player Profile
USNTDP Juniors
174 lbs
Place of Birth
Pittsburgh, PA  
Cooley is a dynamic playmaking center who has the ability to get the best out of his linemates. He showed he was very capable of generating tons of offense for his team along with the ability of being the key piece on his line that made everything click. His skating looked real good. He can get up to a good speed while also being a real shifty player with the puck on in his stick. One little thing...
Douglas Larson
Scout Profile

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Logan Cooley's Reports

Dec 31/22 Logan Cooley 24400 – Slovakia vs. Team USA WJC-20 by Aaron Vickers View Summary
Apr 26/22 Logan Cooley 23801 – Czechia vs. Team USA WJC-18 by Douglas Larson View Summary
Mar 1/22 Logan Cooley 23513 – Youngstown vs. USA U18 USHL by Josh Bell View Summary
Jan 18/22 Logan Cooley 23229 – Team White vs. Team Blue AAPG by Austin Broad View Summary
Jan 4/22 Logan Cooley 23106 – Team USA vs. Slovakia WJC-20 by Joey Fortin Boulay View Summary
Dec 25/21 Logan Cooley 23045 – Team USA vs. Finland WJC-20 by Olivia McArter View Summary
Nov 18/21 Logan Cooley 22812 – Team USA vs. Switzerland 5NATIONS by Douglas Larson View Summary
Oct 1/21 Logan Cooley 22530 – USA U18 vs. Sioux City USHL by Sebastian Death View Summary
Jun 17/21 Logan Cooley 22286 – USA U18 vs. Muskegon USHL by Austin Broad View Summary
Jun 14/21 Logan Cooley 22255 – Muskegon vs. USA U18 USHL by Mat Sheridan View Summary