FC Rank 19
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Player Profile
Swift Current Broncos
178 lbs
Place of Birth
St. Adolphe, MB  
Pickering remains that high-floor player because of his skating stride, length, shot strength improvement, and the fact that he’s still going to put on more weight and muscle. With every game I watch, Pickering always leaves me with a few specific examples to show that he needs more continual reps in his offensive transition decision-making — some pinches, some timed passes, some moments t...
Joel Henderson
Scout Profile

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Owen Pickering's Reports

Apr 28/22 Owen Pickering 23807 – Canada vs. Finland WJC-18 by Austin Broad View Summary
Apr 13/22 Owen Pickering 23735 – Swift Current vs. Calgary WHL by Joel Henderson View Summary
Mar 25/22 Owen Pickering 23628 – Team White vs. Team Red CHL TPG by Joseph Aleong View Summary
Jan 14/22 Owen Pickering 23183 – Swift Current vs. Lethbridge WHL by Curtis Schwartzkopf View Summary
Jan 1/22 Owen Pickering 23098 – Swift Current vs. Red Deer WHL by Joel Henderson View Summary
Oct 27/21 Owen Pickering 22687 – Swift Current vs. Medicine Hat WHL by Derek Neumeier View Summary
Oct 9/21 Owen Pickering 22578 – Red Deer vs. Swift Current WHL by Joel Henderson View Summary