FC Rank 77
All Rankings
Player Profile
Right Wing
Univ. of Denver
173 lbs
Place of Birth
Glencoe, IL  
Devine is a solid all-around winger who works really well as an off the puck weapon in the offensive zone. An extremely cerebral player in the offensive-zone, Devine allowed his linemates Carter Savoie and Brett Stapley carry the puck while he worked to get open in the soft spots and create scoring chances. He was always moving his feet, never remaining stagnant which made it difficult for the Mic...
Austin Broad
Scout Profile

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Jack Devine's Reports

Apr 8/22 Jack Devine 23706 – Denver vs. Michigan NCAA by Shaun Richardson View Summary
Apr 8/22 Jack Devine 23699 – Denver vs. Michigan NCAA by Austin Broad View Summary
Jan 21/22 Jack Devine 23251 – Alaska-Fairbanks vs. Denver NCAA by Josh Thomas View Summary
Oct 27/21 Jack Devine 22685 – Denver vs. Providence NCAA by Douglas Larson View Summary
Jun 16/21 Jack Devine 22279 – USA U18 vs. Chicago USHL by Austin Broad View Summary
Jun 16/21 Jack Devine 22274 – USA U18 vs. Youngstown USHL by Curtis Schwartzkopf View Summary