FC Rank 121
All Rankings
Player Profile
Right Wing
Sioux Falls Stampede
174 lbs
Place of Birth
Rochester, MN  
Fleming is an offensive-minded winger who has a good set of hands to go along with a strong shot. He’s effective offensively playing off the puck and with the puck in the zone. At best, he’s an average skater to me and struggled in transition and at even strength. I thought he was real good on the half wall while on the power play, he looked comfortable and was effective there while pu...
Douglas Larson
Scout Profile

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Maddox Fleming's Reports

Mar 31/22 Maddox Fleming 23657 – Des Moines vs. Sioux Falls USHL by Douglas Larson View Summary
Dec 7/21 Maddox Fleming 22896 – Sioux Falls vs. Waterloo USHL by Austin Broad View Summary
Nov 8/21 Maddox Fleming 22759 – Chicago vs. USA U18 USHL by Douglas Larson View Summary
Sep 1/21 Maddox Fleming 22409 – USA U18 vs. Dubuque USHL by Austin Broad View Summary