FC Rank 103
All Rankings
Player Profile
BK Mlada Boleslav
179 lbs
Place of Birth
Havlickuv Brod, CZE  
Moravec is a reliable defenseman who plays safe game but has the abilities to be dangerous when he joins the attack. He had a sound game defensively. He is very responsible in the defensive zone, playing tight to his check, clearing the space in front of the crease, and not allowing rebounds. I was impressed with Moravec’s ability to use his body very effectively against bigger opponents. He is ...
Miroslav Simurka
Scout Profile

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David Moravec's Reports

Apr 20/22 David Moravec 23770 – Slovakia vs. Czechia 4NAT by Miroslav Simurka View Summary
Mar 15/22 David Moravec 23588 – Mlada Boleslav vs. Zlin CZECH by Miroslav Simurka View Summary
Jan 19/22 David Moravec 23239 – Litvinov vs. Mlada Boleslav CZECH by Miroslav Simurka View Summary
Dec 28/21 David Moravec 23062 – Czechia vs. Canada WJC-20 by Donesh Mazloum View Summary
Oct 3/21 David Moravec 22542 – Mlada Boleslav vs. Ceske Budejovice CZECH by Miroslav Simurka View Summary
Sep 1/21 David Moravec 22411 – Finland vs. Czech Republic 4NATIONS by Miroslav Simurka View Summary