FC Rank 296
All Rankings
Jozef Viliam
Player Profile
Prince George Cougars
198 lbs
Place of Birth
Kosice, SVK  
It is tough to get a read on the upside of Kmec. At the WHL level he does so many things incredibly well. His skating is powerful, well-balanced, and quite adaptive. He defends the rush with both his stick and his physicality by forcing players towards the outside always. You’ll find him consistently battling physically along the boards or net-front to establish position and make it tougher on p...
Joel Henderson
Scout Profile

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Jozef Viliam Kmec's Reports

May 31/22 Jozef Viliam Kmec 23927 – Kelowna vs. Prince George WHL by Derek Neumeier View Summary
Mar 11/22 Jozef Viliam Kmec 23572 – Portland vs. Prince George WHL by Joel Henderson View Summary
Dec 28/21 Jozef Viliam Kmec 23068 – Sweden vs. Slovakia WJC-20 by Miroslav Simurka View Summary
Aug 7/21 Jozef Viliam Kmec 22346 – Slovakia vs. Team USA HLINKA by Donesh Mazloum View Summary