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Left Wing
USNTDP Juniors
181 lbs
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This wasn’t one of Pastujov’s best showings, but that doesn’t mean he didn’t contribute and make impressive plays. When he has the puck, he has a lot of energy and creates many offensive chances for his team, but when he’s away from the puck, he starts to look disengaged at times. He has a bit of a long choppy stride, and could work on his skating technique, but still manages to gain good speed in open space. He is mobile enough to play on the PK, using good edge work and staying in smart positioning to take away time and space while applying pressure. He uses his hands and speed to make effective offensive zone entries with control and has a good sense of where space is opening up and is efficient at getting there. Pastujov likes to shoot the puck and is very efficient at finishing plays, and does in many ways. Being very effective with his one-timer, able to get good power and accuracy consistently, often using it on the PP. His wrist shot is also dangerous, able to pick corners from distance. Pastujov has very soft hands and is able to control the puck very well. His quick hands allow him to keep defenders on their toes and makes it very difficult to defend against. He is very patient with the puck and is able to make smart plays in-tight and while under pressure. His vision is high-end, being able to identify where his teammates are at all times, allowing him to make consistent accurate passes, even through traffic. Very consistent at making the first pass to a teammate to start a breakout. He can handle the puck well on his back-hand so he can make very quick passes to exit the defensive zone efficiently. He needs to be more active with his stick and show more compete in the defensive zone while 5 on 5. He stays in good position and doesn’t look out of place, but he sometimes waits for things to happen, rather than forcing it himself. Pastujov has many high-end tools that will him a very effective player, and if he works on improving the rest of his game, look out.

Dylan Krill
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Game Results

January 3, 2021
USA U-18

Player Report

Skating 6
Shooting 7
Puckhandling 8
Playmaking 8
Offensive Awareness 8
Defensive Awareness 6
Compete 6

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