FC Rank 50
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Player Profile
AKM Novomoskovsk
176 lbs
Place of Birth
Balakhna, RUS  
Pelevin is strong-skating blueliner with a variety of tools to succeed as an offensive-leaning but still reliable NHL defenseman. His mobility leaps off the page. He can close in on opposing forwards with ease, and maintain gap control well while defending in transition. He can also skate out of trouble with his speed and agility. Or, he can use a combination of skill and vision to transition his ...
Joshua Frojelin
Scout Profile

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Alexander Pelevin's Reports

May 5/22 Alexander Pelevin 23830 – Nizhny Novgorod Vs. Irbis Kazan MHL by Jake Janso View Summary
Feb 9/22 Alexander Pelevin 23406 – Chaika vs. Yekaterinburg MHL by FCHockey Staff View Summary
Jan 20/22 Alexander Pelevin 23245 – Sputnik Almetievsk vs. Chaika MHL by Joshua Frojelin View Summary
Nov 30/21 Alexander Pelevin 22865 – Novomoskovsk vs. Omski Krylia VHL by Sebastian Death View Summary
Sep 17/21 Alexander Pelevin 22472 – Kazan vs. Nizhny Novgorod MHL by Brandon Holmes View Summary
Sep 9/21 Alexander Pelevin 22441 – Nizhny Novgorod vs. Kazan MHL by Joshua Frojelin View Summary