FC Rank 30
All Rankings
Player Profile
Left Wing
Omskie Krylia
185 lbs
Place of Birth
Omsk, RUS  
Trikozov is a quick winger with a fast release and nose for the net. His best skill is his skating. Even though his feet look a little heavy when he is accelerating, Trikozov has a very quick first step and uses it to move defender’s feet and create separation off the rush when entering the offensive zone. He is a good puck carrier and elusive when skating up-ice. Trikozov has a high hockey IQ a...
Sebastian Death
Scout Profile

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Gleb Trikozov's Reports

Dec 24/21 Gleb Trikozov 23041 – Yekaterinburg vs. Omskie MHL by Jake Janso View Summary
Dec 24/21 Gleb Trikozov 23037 – Omskie vs. Yekaterinburg MHL by Josh Bell View Summary
Dec 24/21 Gleb Trikozov 23033 – Omskie vs. Yekaterinburg MHL by Jake Janso View Summary
Dec 8/21 Gleb Trikozov 22902 – Omskie vs. Sputnik MHL by Curtis Schwartzkopf View Summary
Nov 30/21 Gleb Trikozov 22866 – Omskye Yastreby vs. Reaktor MHL by Sebastian Death View Summary
Sep 14/21 Gleb Trikozov 22451 – Omskie Krylia vs. Tyumen VHL by Brandon Holmes View Summary