FC Rank 22
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Player Profile
172 lbs
Place of Birth
Toronto, ON  
Nelson is an offensive-leaning puck-moving defenseman who plays the game with pace on every shift and brings added value as a power play quarterback. The absolute standout part of Nelson’s game is his phenomenal mobility and athleticism and how’s able to leverage those attributes to contribute positively towards possession for his team. Nelson is a gifted skater who demonstrates great fluidity...
Brandon Holmes
Scout Profile

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Ty Nelson's Reports

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Nov 9/21 Ty Nelson 22760 – North Bay vs. Peterborough OHL by Brandon Holmes View Summary
Oct 24/21 Ty Nelson 22669 – Sault Ste. Marie vs. North Bay OHL by Josh Bell View Summary
Oct 22/21 Ty Nelson 22660 – Sudbury vs. North Bay OHL by Curtis Schwartzkopf View Summary
Oct 7/21 Ty Nelson 22562 – North Bay vs. Ottawa OHL by Dylan Galloway View Summary