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Val-d'Or Foreurs
159 lbs
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Val-d'Or, QC  

Bolduc is an offensively-minded defenseman who just seems to float across the ice. He’s a high-end skater with fantastic edges and top-notch agility. Bolduc’s speed is outstanding and he has the type of quickness that allows him to accelerate around opponents. He showcased his skating all game versus Halifax. Bolduc was constantly able to mirror the attack and readjust his gap to take away space and close in on the puck-carrier. He was able to break pucks out in control with his feet or by passing. Bolduc regularly jumped up in the rush and his speed across the offensive blue line was able to push defenders back. Bolduc’s mobility along the offensive blue line was impressive. He could walk the line with speed, drag pucks to the middle of the ice, create shooting lanes and get pucks through to the net. Bolduc came off the line to attack deep in the zone and was a backdoor threat several times. In front of his own net, Bolduc had his head on a swivel, controlled sticks and won battles. I was very pleased with his ability to defend all over the ice and gain puck possession and once Bolduc had it his puck management was excellent. He was able to protect the puck, escape forecheckers and move it up ice. I saw some real improvement in this area of his game as Bolduc no longer got tunnel vision and tried to force pucks, instead he would opt for the simple play when that was the best option. That’s not to imply that his game lacked creativity. Bolduc was all over the ice and could put together quality offensive opportunities for himself and his teammates. If I had to suggest an area for improvement, I would say that Bolduc could stand to have a quicker shot release. On a couple occasions this game he seemed to double pump and miss a scoring opportunity. Projecting Bolduc’s potential is exciting because it really could be limitless. At this point he’s likely not in the top tier of defense prospects in what looks to be a strong year for defensemen, but in time Bolduc could be prove to be a diamond in the rough. I see him as a possible top-pair defenseman who has high-end playmaking ability with moderate goal scoring potential. He’s already tidied up the defensive side of his game and has developed some very solid fundamentals so once he adds some more muscle to his frame, I expect him to be quite reliable at the NHL level.

Shaun Richardson
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Game Results

October 23, 2021
Val D'or

Player Report

Skating 8
Shooting 5
Puckhandling 7
Playmaking 7
Offensive Awareness 6
Defensive Awareness 6
Compete 6

Nathan Bolduc's Reports

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