FC Rank 47
All Rankings
Player Profile
CSKA Moskva
158 lbs
Place of Birth
Angarsk, RUS  
Grudinin is a mobile puck-moving defenseman who owns upside as a reliable and efficient power play quarterback. What was immediately eye-catching with Grudinin was his natural ability as a skater and puck mover, as he’s a very quick and nimble skater who is able to use his crossovers and edgework to quickly generate speed. Grudinin’s skating posture and habits are quite good, however there wer...
Brandon Holmes
Scout Profile

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Vladimir Grudinin's Reports

Mar 6/22 Vladimir Grudinin 23543 – Krasnaya Armiya vs. Almaz MHL by Jake Janso View Summary
Feb 26/22 Vladimir Grudinin 23497 – Ryazan vs. Zvezda VHL by Joshua Frojelin View Summary
Dec 28/21 Vladimir Grudinin 23066 – Russia vs. Switzerland WJC-20 by FCHockey Staff View Summary
Sep 26/21 Vladimir Grudinin 22514 – MHK Dynamo vs. Krasnaya Armiya MHL by Joshua Frojelin View Summary
Aug 18/21 Vladimir Grudinin 22380 – Yekaterinburg vs. Russia U20 EXHIBITION by Brandon Holmes View Summary
Nov 2/20 Vladimir Grudinin 21206 – Dynamo St. Petersburg 2 vs. Krasnaya Armiya MHL by Donesh Mazloum View Summary