FC Rank 999
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Player Profile
SK Lejon
212 lbs
Place of Birth
Belle River, ON  
Mailloux is a prospect who deserves more attention in this draft. He is a very good offensive defenseman who could develop a strong two-way game if he keeps working on his defensive game. Offensively, Mailloux is very aware and possesses very good poise with the puck. Mailloux always knew where the play was always going in this game and never panicked under pressure. On the breakout, he would ofte...
Sebastian Death
Scout Profile

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Logan Mailloux's Reports

Jun 22/21 Logan Mailloux 22313 – Kiruna vs. Lejon HOCKEYETTAN by Sebastian Death View Summary
Jun 2/21 Logan Mailloux 22176 – TPH vs. Flo Hockey PBHH by Olivia McArter View Summary
Apr 19/21 Logan Mailloux 21972 – Kiruna vs. SK Lejon HOCKEYETTAN by Brandon Holmes View Summary
Apr 16/21 Logan Mailloux 21955 – Lejon vs. Ornskoldsvik HOCKEYETTAN by Joseph Aleong View Summary
Mar 17/21 Logan Mailloux 21805 – Ornskoldsvik vs. Lejon HOCKEYETTAN by Mat Sheridan View Summary
Dec 2/20 Logan Mailloux 21404 – SK Lejon vs. Ostersunds HOCKEYETTAN by Josh Bell View Summary