FC Rank 57
All Rankings
Player Profile
Left Wing
MHK Krylia Sovetov Moskva
163 lbs
Place of Birth
Gus-Khrustalny, RUS  
Petrov was aggressive in the offensive zone all game for Russia. He was engaged physically all night and made sure to throw a body check every time the Team USA defense had possession of the puck below their own goal line. When he wasn’t being a thorn in the side of his opponent, Petrov was getting into shooting locations and using his shot to test the United States goalie. He had numerous s...
Austin Broad
Scout Profile

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Matvei Petrov's Reports

Apr 27/21 Matvei Petrov 22007 – Team USA vs. Russia WJC-18 by Austin Broad View Summary
Apr 14/21 Matvei Petrov 21945 – Krylja Sovetov 2 vs. Krasnaya Armiya MHL by Josh Bell View Summary
Jan 25/21 Matvei Petrov 21625 – MHK Dynamo vs. Krylia Sovetov MHL by Brandon Holmes View Summary
Nov 16/20 Matvei Petrov 21320 – Dynamo St. Petersburg vs. Krylya Sovetov MHL by Derek Neumeier View Summary