FC Rank 156
All Rankings
Player Profile
Right Wing
Tappara U20
U20 SM-sarja
185 lbs
Place of Birth
Helsinki, FIN  
If nothing else, Huuhtanen is certainly one of the most unique players in this draft. There are some elements to his game that are fantastic, and some that are real concerns. This is a guy who absolutely loves to score goals, and he’ll consistently do whatever he can to make that happen. He’s confident in himself and his shooting ability, throwing a high volume of pucks on net, and for...
Derek Neumeier
Scout Profile

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Niko Huuhtanen's Reports

May 21/21 Niko Huuhtanen 22120 – Tappara U20 vs. Lukko U20 JR A SM-liiga by Curtis Schwartzkopf View Summary
Apr 22/21 Niko Huuhtanen 21985 – Tappara U20 vs. Assat U20 JR A SM-liiga by Derek Neumeier View Summary
Mar 10/21 Niko Huuhtanen 21780 – Ilves U20 vs. Tappara U20 JR A SM-liiga by Derek Neumeier View Summary