FC Rank 229
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Player Profile
Okotoks Oilers
167 lbs
Place of Birth
Okotoks, AB  
Krebs is a very offensively focused defenseman who sees the green light to go in every rush up the ice, whether he is carrying the puck or not. When he is driving the breakout he does a solid job of evading forecheckers with good agility and speed and keeps his head up to look for options for a pass but is happy to carry it into the zone as well. When he doesn’t have the puck on a breakout, he t...
Kurt Pohs
Scout Profile

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Dru Krebs's Reports

Jun 3/21 Dru Krebs 22180 – Medicine Hat vs. Lethbridge WHL by Justin Froese View Summary
Apr 21/21 Dru Krebs 21979 – Calgary vs. Medicine Hat WHL by Kurt Pohs View Summary
Jan 25/21 Dru Krebs 21621 – Calgary vs. Okotoks AJHL by Donesh Mazloum View Summary
Dec 3/20 Dru Krebs 21411 – Medicine Hat vs. Regina WHL by Justin Froese View Summary
Nov 26/20 Dru Krebs 21382 – Calgary vs. Okotoks AJHL by Joel Henderson View Summary