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Brooks Bandits
192 lbs
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Regina, SK  

Ceulemans’ name doesn’t come up often when people discuss the defensemen at the top of this draft class, but for my money he’s not that far off the very top group. It’s very, very rare to find right-shot defensemen who are this athletic, talented and versatile. The AJHL is on the older side of things for a junior league, but he’s logging No. 1 defenseman ice time as a 17-year-old and doesn’t look out of place doing it. He plays with a fantastic combination of pace and determination, wheeling up and down the ice and dictating play in all three zones. He’s the type of guy who wants the puck on his stick and has the pure skill to make things happen with it. Very smooth and powerful skater who also possesses a quality pair of mitts that help him excel at both zone exits and entries, which he often does with the same burst of speed. Can explodes from a standstill and through small holes. His conditioning seems phenomenal, as he can play at a high pace and log a lot of minutes without looking tired or showing notable decline. Understands the flow of the play and can match it without the puck, and when he has it he can speed it up or slow it down at his discretion, picking smart times to do so. Has some size and strength, and will use them to his advantage. Puck skill isn’t elite, but it’s pretty good and serviceable, including at full speed. Does a good job of keeping his head up and can make impressive lead passes, though there are a lot of times where he’ll throw pucks away too carelessly, which will be the biggest focus for him to fix moving forward. He’s such a threat from the offensive blue line, able to shake defenders by himself or utilize his teammates, and isn’t afraid to drive deeper as a pass option or take the puck hard to the net himself. He plays a very aggressive, risky game with his puck rushes, pinches and gap control, so turnovers and offensive breaks against are common, but it’s important to note that Brooks plays this way by design and has for a long time, that’s their chosen identity, so these mistakes might be something that an NHL team could rein in through development if they want to. Ceulemans has a ton of raw upside and could easily become one of the very best players from this draft class if his development goes according to plan.

Derek Neumeier
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March 12, 2021

Player Report

Skating 8
Shooting 8
Puckhandling 8
Playmaking 7
Offensive Awareness 8
Defensive Awareness 6
Compete 9

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