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Luleå HF
198 lbs
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Västerås, SWE  

Calm, cool and collected, Wallstedt is excellent positionally and highly poised in the net. As the puck approaches his net he comes out to the top of his crease and does well to stay with the play positionally. His awareness of the play is also something that stands out and is an elite part of his game. Wallstedt’s head is constantly swivelling, looking at the options the puck carrier has and prepares himself to change positions to make the save. Even though he has incredible anticipation he also doesn’t cheat on the play and has incredible timing. His lateral movement is smooth but almost too laid back, at times he seems so comfortable and calm in the net that he almost looks bored when shifting posts. One criticism I have of his play is the depth in which he plays in his net. In this game, he got beat high on a few occasions and it was largely due to him playing fairly deep in his crease. Even when he comes out to challenge a shooter he barely gets past the edge of his crease. He has a pretty good size so he covers the net fairly well but I felt he needed to stand a bit taller in his reverse-VH position in order to cover that top corner as there was a fairly large gap. In addition to his good mental and physical capabilities, Wallstedt was actively coming out of his net to play the puck and rarely made mistakes with the puck on his stick. Once again, he shows, calm poise when under pressure and often makes a good smart pass to a teammate to help aide the breakout. Overall this was a really strong effort by the netminder and I can see him being a really steady #1 for an NHL team for a long time.

Dylan Galloway
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January 9, 2021

Player Report

Skating 7
Shooting 9
Puckhandling 9
Playmaking 9
Offensive Awareness 7
Defensive Awareness 8
Compete 9

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