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Val-d'Or Foreurs
173 lbs
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Plano, TX  

When he’s on, he can be incredibly exciting to watch. The diminutive center has an excellent motor and his compete on and off the puck makes him a fun player to watch. But it’s when he’s off he can be a bit hard to spot in the game and blends into the background a bit. He’s relatively quick but doesn’t have elite top-end speed. His first few strides are decently explosive and enable him to jump on loose pucks quickly and allows him to dart around the ice in short bursts and disrupt opponents often. Robidas is also dynamic with the puck and his edges allow him to change direction quickly and allow him to throw defenders off his tracks. In terms of his thought process, I generally like how he sees the ice and can make some really great passing plays in various different ways. He’s able to handle passes with ease most of the time allowing him to transition the play from the back of his stick to his forehand while in motion. His processing is almost there, but he sometimes lets his vision focus on the biggest play, but also can bring the risk of turnovers. He can sometimes have tunnel vision and try and execute plays that he simply needs to slow down and evaluate a bit more. The nice thing about Robidas is that he has fairly good habits. With the puck on his stick, he keeps it in the pocket allowing him to make quick pass/shoot decisions without much movement. He can also compete extremely hard all over the ice. He smartly has his head on a swivel, shoulder checking often to ensure he’s not needed in a more defensive position when supporting the puck. He always puts in maximum effort on the draw and often comes out on top. Overall I think a lot of what Robidas does when he’s on his game is what makes a player, even a small one, more projectible than others. It’s the consistency of his involvement in the play that makes me hesitant. He needs to come with this effort level each and every shift and game to make it at the next level.

Dylan Galloway
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Game Results

November 13, 2020

Player Report

Skating 7
Shooting 5
Puckhandling 6
Playmaking 5
Offensive Awareness 5
Defensive Awareness 5
Compete 5

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