FC Rank 22
All Rankings
Player Profile
Left Wing
ECH Olten
170 lbs
Place of Birth
Scarborough, ON  
One of a handful of CHL players headed overseas on loan to start 2020-21, Othmann has slid into the men’s league very well. While he’s not seeing a whole lot of ice time at this point, he’s using his time well. Right off the bat, he shows good offensive awareness, going to support his teammate who is battling along the boards, just in time to grab a sliding puck. He cuts straight...
Josh Bell
Scout Profile

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Brennan Othmann's Reports

Jun 22/21 Brennan Othmann 22314 – Langenthal vs. Olten NLB by Sebastian Death View Summary
Apr 30/21 Brennan Othmann 22027 – Canada vs. Latvia WJC-18 by Derek Neumeier View Summary
Dec 19/20 Brennan Othmann 21477 – Olten vs La Chaux-de-Fonds NLB by Dennis Schellenberg View Summary
Dec 7/20 Brennan Othmann 21432 – Olten vs. Cahux-de-Fonds SL by Josh Bell View Summary
Nov 18/20 Brennan Othmann 21324 – Flint vs. Mississauga OHL by Joseph Aleong View Summary