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Left Wing
Saskatoon Blades
183 lbs
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In his rookie season, Dach played a similar role to a lot of current bottom-six NHL forwards for the Blades but I question if there isn’t more he can do. Although he’s the brother of former 3rd overall Hawks pick Kirby, lets stop the comparisons right now before they start. Colton is a big bodied forward who plays a physical linear game, excelling at play along the wall and not showing a lot of habits conducive to creating offense off of transition. With the help of a skating coach he could really benefit from working on the dynamic qualities of his stride. He does have pretty sound feet for a big man and I do think that he’s quite responsive to quick maneuvers but a lower base would really add an extra extension in his already powerful linear stride and allow him to play a horizontal game. He’s got okay hands, unpressured but for a big body I found he carried pucks in positions under pressure that allowed him to get his hands cut off by checks and limited his leverage. His vision is average and his creativity is rather mundane. He’s not great at skill blending and it’s not often he can make plays in motion, opting to stop up to make a lateral play or throw a puck to the net. Often his habits lead to him driving pucks wide and gunning for narrow openings to establish offensive zone pressure but gets angled off far too often where short support or a cut back option is more viable. His shot release isn’t quick but he can get some pepper behind the velocity on his shot and challenge goaltenders if he has time and space. His goal in this game was a bit of a fluke from a low danger area which just seemed to knuckle and fool the Pats goaltender. I really thought he did a fairly good job of committing himself to a competent brand of hockey off the puck and although not perfect, he was picking up assignments, moving with plays to offer a pass option and on defence often negating plays by eliminating the inside option. Multiple times he picked up checks for the defense and played net front responsibilities to fill the void while a battle ensued elsewhere and he could rotate out. He was willing to throw the body and even though he could be taking himself out of plays at times, he was also taking a number with him on the play. He could establish himself on the wall but the small area game has to come. If he can add that extra step and learn how to establish his puck play down the funnel, there might be a dangerous offensive player on the verge of bursting out.

Justin Froese
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March 6, 2020

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Skating 6
Shooting 5
Puckhandling 6
Playmaking 5
Offensive Awareness 6
Defensive Awareness 6
Compete 7

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