FC Rank 99
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Dower Nilsson
Player Profile
Frölunda HC
172 lbs
Place of Birth
Göteborg, SWE  
Dower Nilsson is a center that works hard both ways. In his own zone he helps his defenders and tries to be playable by moving to empty spaces. He gets his job done and is kind of straight in his play. Dower Nilsson likes to be in control of the puck when he goes to the offensive zone. He has great view of both his opponents and where his teammates are on the ice. In Power play he is a player to c...
Fredrik Haak
Scout Profile

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Liam Dower Nilsson's Reports

May 3/21 Liam Dower Nilsson 2815 – Sweden vs. Latvia WJC-18 by Fredrik Haak View Summary
Nov 24/20 Liam Dower Nilsson 2125 – Frolunda U20 vs. Karlskrona U20 SUPERELIT by Josh Bell View Summary
Nov 19/20 Liam Dower Nilsson 2100 – Frolunda U20 vs. Malmo U20 SUPERELIT by Derek Neumeier View Summary
Nov 5/20 Liam Dower Nilsson 2006 – HV71 U20 vs Frolunda U20 SUPERELIT by Fredrik Haak View Summary