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Right Wing
Ottawa 67's
176 lbs
Place of Birth
Cobden, ON  

Quinn is an interesting player for the 2020 NHL Draft. Only 4 days removed from being eligible for the 2019 NHL Draft, he is one of the oldest players available for this draft, which does provide him with a bit of an advantage, in addition to being on a deep 67’s team. All that being said, Quinn plays a smart well-rounded game that really compares to his teammate, Marco Rossi. Quinn’s intelligence shines through in his ability to read and track the play and effectively possess the puck and create space for his teammates. He’s constantly surveying his situation and deciding whether to send the puck to a teammate with a smart pass or hold on and move the puck into open ice himself. In addition the way Quinn keeps his feet moving and utilizes his vision to find skating lanes allows him to be very mobile and hard to pin down in the offensive zone. He needs to be able to find his way into center ice a bit more to be more effective on the goals side of offense, but I find him very effective at passing the puck into center ice, and creating that space for his teammates regardless. In addition Quinn possesses a sharp shot that he needs to utilize more often. When he chooses to get to the middle of the ice, he has a very effective snappy shot that gets up with impressive speed. Overall, I like his tools and think he can be an effective player at the next level, I’m just a bit worried that he might be over achieving a bit based on his current level of competition. I see him as a middle 6 two-way forward at the next level.

Dylan Galloway
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December 28, 2019

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