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185 lbs
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Espoo, FIN  

Lundell is a complete 200-foot center who works equally hard on both ends of the ice. His advanced defensive prowess allows him to be trusted on the penalty kill and at the end of the game despite being one of the younger competitors at the U20 level. He shows a willingness to engage physically along the boards His ability to find the puck in a scum is high-level which leads to him winning 50/50 board battles more often then not. Lundell uses his stick to disrupt passing lanes, leading to loose puck battles that Lundell often wins. His hand-eye is well above average as he is able to bat pucks out of the air on passes by his opponent. His defensive play in the neutral zone is tight and controlled. He closes on puck carriers when he has support and ensures that the puck stays to the outside. When trailing a puck carrier he lifts his opponents stick effectively creating loose pucks and uncontrolled entries making it easier for his defensemen to regain control of the puck. He transitions from defense to offense with ease. Without the puck, Lundell often takes long winding routes around the ice. His ability doesn’t show off of the puck as much as it does when he has possession of the puck. When his team has the puck, he wants to be the catalyst. With the puck on his stick, he shows agile skating with impressive edges. Lundell will accelerate with a quick, powerful stride. He will cut inside and outside with ease, attacking the dangerous areas of the ice. Without the puck on his stick he seems to flow in and out of space, never seemingly speeding up or slowing down. He’s in constant movement, attempting to get his teammates an open lane to pass through. He has a very good shot that he locates well. The power behind his shot is sometimes inconsistent but it has improved since the spring. When he gets the puck in the slot, he does a good job of changing the angle on his shot by pulling it in with a toe drag. Lundell could stand to use that skill more often outside of the slot, in the circles. His playmaking ability is underrated as he does a good job making the simple small passes that make a big difference in changing the angle a shot is coming from. He uses that skill in transition as well, making passes from the boards to a rushing forward or using the 10-foot pass on a give and go to avoid defenders in the neutral zone. He possesses real top-line center upside with a high-end two-way game. I would have him ranked in the 4-6 range at the moment. If any of the “Big-5” fall out of the top five, it may end up being Lundell because of the lack of flash in his game.

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July 27, 2019
Team USA

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