February 7, 2020

January Notebook – Galloway

Every season, scouts from Future Considerations spend countless hours gathering information on the next wave of NHL talent coming down the pipe. Future Considerations head Eastern scout Dylan Galloway is no different.

Here is Galloway’s notebook for January.

Donovan Sebrango, D, 6-0, 179, 1-12-2002
Sarnia Sting 4 @ Kitchener Rangers 7 – January 24, 2020

Sebrango is a smooth-skating puck mover who also likes to get involved in the rush. As a defender he leads the rush a little too often, but that shouldn’t take away from his work ethic in his own zone. He utilized his speed and smarts to charge back on the backcheck, pick up his man and block a pass to center ice. While his teammate had to cover up for him being out of position, Sebrango made the effort to get back and make an excellent defensive play. In another defensive zone play, Sebrango laid out his body and made a great block on the penalty kill. His strength is really the offensive side of the game, though. He makes highly intelligent passes and is able to read the play to really understand when he should make a jump up into the rush or simply make a nice outlet pass. Sebrango is definitely rising on my draft board, though I need to see this level of two-way play from him for me to really know if he is capable of growing his game to be successful at the next level.

Jack Quinn, C, 5-11, 176, 9-19-2001
Ottawa 67’s 5 @ Hamilton Bulldogs 2 – January 31, 2020
Quinn is an interesting player for the 2020 NHL Draft. Only four days removed from being eligible for the 2019 draft, he is one of the oldest players available this June, which does provide him with a bit of an advantage. All that being said, Quinn plays a smart well-rounded game that really compares to his teammate, Marco Rossi. Quinn’s intelligence shines through in his ability to read and track the play and effectively possess the puck and create space for his teammates. He’s constantly surveying his situation and deciding whether to send the puck to a teammate with a smart pass or hold on and move the puck into open ice himself. In addition, the way Quinn keeps his feet moving and utilizes his vision to find skating lanes allows him to be very mobile and hard to pin down in the offensive zone. He needs to be able to find his way into center ice a bit more to be more effective on the goals side of offence, but I find him very effective at passing the puck into the middle and creating that space for his teammates regardless. Also, Quinn possesses a sharp shot that he needs to utilize more often. When he chooses to get to the middle of the ice, he has a very effective snappy shot that gets up with impressive speed. Overall, I like his tools and think he can be an effective player at the next level, I’m just a bit worried that he might be overachieving a bit based on his current level of competition. I see him as a middle-six, two-way forward at the next level.

Jan Mysak, LW, 6-0, 176, 6-27-2002
Ottawa 67’s 5 @ Hamilton Bulldogs 2 – January 31, 2020
As my first viewing of Mysak in the OHL, I was left impressed with the number of tools he had to show off. While this was one of his first games in the league, Mysak already looks comfortable with his team and is getting solid minutes from his coach. One of the first things that stood out about Mysak’s game is the consistency in his good habits on both sides of the puck. He possesses a high hockey IQ and shows this off by actively stick checking his opponents to remove them as support options, and prowling open ice to pounce on loose pucks. On the offensive side of the puck, Mysak looks to have some excellent transition speed and was utilizing his speed to break the puck in on the rush and burst around defenders. His skill with the puck is good, but not necessarily elite, but his smarts and speed are what make him a really dangerous in the offensive zone. I’ll need more views on Mysak now that he’s playing in the OHL, but at first look he seems to be a high end, incredibly smart forward that can compete at a high level in all three zones.

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