September 27, 2018

AAPG Notebook: Chesnutt

Every season, scouts from Future Considerations spend countless hours gathering information on the next wave of NHL talent coming down the pipe. Future Considerations’ scout Chuck Chesnutt is no different.

Here is Chesnutt’s notebook from the All-American Prospects Game.

Matthew Boldy, F, Team Langenbrunner, 6-0, 174, DOB 4-5-2001
The MVP of the All-American Prospects Game, Boldy showed to be a strong and fluid skater who excels at carrying the puck into the offensive zone and generating scoring opportunities off the rush. He is difficult to knock off the puck and capable off stick handling his way out of tight areas. Boldy is a hard player to try and contain or defend against, and thrives on setting up deep in the offensive zone, well below the face-off dots and preferably near the net where he can get after stray pucks in the more unexpected areas of the ice as he jumps on rebounds from behind the net and out of the goalies field of vision. A strong shooter and creative passer as well, Boldy seemingly creates scoring chances on every shift or is at the very least pushing the pace of play by joining in on the rush to outnumber opposing defenders.

Nick Robertson, C, Team Langenbrunner, 5-9, 161, DOB 9-11-2001
Robertson is a smart and skilled forward who anticipates the play well at both ends of the ice and is capable of dictating the pace of play thanks his fluid skating and puck handling abilities. He likes to freeze defenders when entering the zone by using his speed to drive the net hard and stickhandling his way around them once they commit to blocking his shot or protecting the crease. He seems to be more of a pass-first type of player but his quickness ensures that he still finds his way into the high scoring areas often enough that he should put up some respectable numbers in the goal column.

Jack Hughes, C, Team Leopold, 5-10, 165, DOB 5-14-2001
A quiet night by his own standards, Hughes was still as advertised in that his speed, skating, and IQ are next level and were on display whenever he touched the puck. He simply processes the game at a much higher level than his peers and his tremendous skating abilities and excellent vision ensure that he always stays a few steps ahead of the opposition. His high-end speed and creative passing plays make it difficult for defenders to anticipate whether or not he’s going to try and put a shot on net or look for an open teammate to hand the puck off too. Hughes, all in all, is an elite level prospect with no discernable flaws to his game.

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